Tamara Hughes

Tamara L. Hughes, LCSW

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Tamara Hughes helps our patients with “way finding” as part of our effort to provide fully integrated care.

In addition to offering counseling services, Tamara’s role includes assessing and aligning the needs of patients with appropriate community services. That could include connecting patients with ongoing crisis counseling, addiction, abuse/neglect services and other areas of concern.

Therapist and Care Manager

Tamara earned a Master of Social Work from Portland State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of Oregon. She worked as a medical social worker and care manager for 13 years and as a psychotherapist for 7 years. She also spent three years as a residential treatment counselor for children and adolescents.

An ongoing focus of her counseling work is on the common but sometimes overlooked challenges that new parents can face. One in 7 women tend to experience postpartum mood disorders, but historically it hasn’t always felt safe for parents to discuss or even acknowledge this common difficulty with their doctor.

In an effort to change that, Tamara works on wellness programs and therapeutic services to encourage reassurance and acceptance. Most importantly, she wants her patients to know that she’s here for them. “Pregnancy and postpartum time are when they’re super vulnerable and a time they will remember forever,” she says. “It’s intense and very rewarding. It’s great to be a part of that. It’s an honor.”


One of Tamara’s greatest pleasures is spending time with her children and helping them navigate the world. She especially enjoys supporting them in their academic and athletic pursuits. “I’ve been accused of being uber-present. I don’t think of myself as a helicopter mom, but I’m very present in their lives.”


Tamara feels her education is never complete. “I’ve always been a constant seeker of knowledge. It stimulates my brain, it inspires me. It motivates me and keeps life meaningful for me.”

Yoga and Mindfulness

In her practice and in her personal life, Tamara finds yoga to be a helpful way to relieve stress and encourage calmness. Her clients also find it helps them cope with anxiety. “I think it forces me to pay attention to my physical wellness, to listen to my body and pay attention,” Tamara says. “It makes me slow down and stop thinking about all the things in life that are happening.”

Fun Facts

Tamara was born in Eugene at the hospital where she started working as a medical social worker. She’s lived in Oregon most of her life, but she also lived in the Bay Area and Mexico for a short time. She loves to watch the Oregon Ducks. She also enjoys running out to Florence and strolling along Bay Street in Old Town to visit shops and try new restaurants while keeping an eye on the river and how it changes through the seasons. “I think it’s the feeling, the fresh air,” she says. “It gives me a revived sense of well-being.”